QUASAR contribution to 2013 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium

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2013 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference, and Room-Temperature Semiconductor X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Detectors workshop (NSS/MIC/RTSD) was held, for the 1st time in Asia-Pacific region, in the beautiful and historical city of Seoul at one of the world largest, spacious and modern convention center (COEX, Seoul, Korea, October 27th - November 2nd, 2013). Now NSS/MIC/RTSD celebrates its 60-th anniversary with the theme "Beyond Imagination of Future Science". There were more than 2000 participants and about 50 exhibitors attracted by this unique opportunity to share and discuss their results, news, and interests.

The NSS/MIC/RTSD is a flagship IEEE event on high energy / particle / accelerator detectors, acquisition systems and signal processing algorithms. Remarkably that more and more contributions and applications are focused on Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPM) as new emerging and promising detector technology, which in some presentations is claimed as revolution in photon detection.

Dr. Sergey Vinogradov has participated at NSS/MIC/RTSD in a framework of his Marie Curie Project "SiPM in-depth" with two posters entitled "New Approach to Calibration of Low Gain PMTs and SiPMs Using Transit Time Histograms" and "Performance of X-Ray Detectors with SiPM Readout in Cargo Accelerator-Based Inspection Systems". His presentations gave rise to many interesting discussions and became a good starting point for new contacts and possible collaborations with SiPM researchers.

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