4th Danish Workshop on Proton and Heavy Ion Dosimetry

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November 16th – 18th the Quasar Group joint forces with the University of Aarhus and the Aarhus University Hospital to organize the 4th Workshop on Proton and Heavy Ion Dosimetry. There were about 25 invited participants with additional scientists from the local institutions joining the lectures.

The program was covering many different aspects of the topic, from Stopping Power in Matter to Detector Technology to Track Structure Theory and the Local Effect Model to Solid State Detectors, and finally to Treatment Planning and Optimization. The participants was a healthy mix of senior scientists and young researchers from physics, biology, and medicine. Overall the program was kept flexible to allow for extensive discussions after the talks, which made this workshop especially fruitful.

The Quasar group was represented by Michael Holzscheiter talking about the Antiproton Therapy project at CERN and Stefan Sellner, presenting his work on real time imaging of antiproton annihilation in a Water Phantom.

The program of the workshop can be found here