Rebecca Boll: Diploma Thesis finished

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Rebecca handed in her diploma thesis on 'A Monolithic Active Pixel Sensor as Direct Monitor for Therapeutic Antiproton and Ion Beams'. During the past year, she characterized the novel Mimotera detector in detail and studied its applicability for beam monitoring of antiproton and heavy ion beams.

The commissioning of the Mimotera at ACE at CERN represents a major improvement on the previous setup, ensuring not only a more reliable data analysis due to exact profile measurements, but also speeding up the initial preparation of the experiment significantly. Moreover, it has been shown that the Mimotera behaves linearly as a function of intensity, as well as of the energy loss of a carbon ion beam at the Heidelberg Ion-Beam Therapy Center (HIT). The readout rate of the system is high enough to track fluctuations in the beam intensity during one spill, such that the Mimotera could also serve as a tool for fast and reliable quality assurance in hadron therapy facilities. 

Congratulations !!

This work is part of the QUASAR Group’s activities in antiproton cancer therapy as part of the ACE collaboration and made possible through the support of the EU, HGF, GSI, NSF and DFG.