Geant4 Toolkit Workshop

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Stefan Sellner participated in a Geant4 Toolkit Workshop in Texas A&M, College Station, Texas January 10th - 14th 2011.

Geant4 is a Monte-Carlo simulation tool that has a variety of differnt applications, for example in high-energy, medical, and space physics.

Compared to other Monte-Carlo transport codes, it is more complicated as the user has to put together an own program selecting the physical models and processes needed, as well as program the geometry and scoring of the quantities of interest. It is based o the abstraction and object orientation of its undrlying programming language C++.

The lecturers were the Geant4 developers Joseph Perl, Makoto Asai, Dennis Wright, Sebastien Incerti, Tatsumi Koi.

The workshop joined about 150 from all over the world and covered basic topics, such as for example the installation of Geant4 and an introductin to the code, as well as details about present limitations of the code, along with many hands-on exercises.