US Particle Accelerator School in Hampton, Virginia

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Tobias and Tomasz were both awarded a scholarship that allowed for their participation to the recent US Particle Accelerator School that took place between January 17th-28th 2011. The School is a broad and very intense course in the design and development of particle accelerators. One of the following two-week modules could be selected:

1. Fundamentals of Accelerator Physics and Technology with Simulations and Measurements Lab (undergraduate level)
2. Accelerator Physics
3. Beam Measurements, Manipulation and Instrumentation at an ERL FEL Driver
4. Microwave Measurements and Beam Instrumentation Lab
5. Fundamentals of Proton Linear Accelerators with Simulations Lab
6. Managing Science in Research Laboratories

As well a a combination of several one week courses:
1. Particle Collider Interaction Regions 
2. Laser-Plasma Accelerators
3. Iron Bound Magnets
4. Modern Computational Accelerator Physics
5. Laser Applications to Accelerators
6. Ion Sources and Low-Energy Ion Beams

Tobias and Tomasz both attended an intensive course on Accelerator Physics that as structured along the following 19 lectures :

1. EM Forces and Historical Introduction
2. Betatrons and Transverse Stability
3. Linear Optics
4. Phase Stability/Synchrotron Motion
5. Magnetic Multipoles
6. Nonlinear Effects
7. Coupled Motion
8. Synchrotron Radiation
9. Radiation Distributions
10. X-ray Sources/ FELs
11. Particle Acceleration
Spin/ Spin Manipulation
13. Statistical Effects
14. Collective Effects
15. Beam-Beam Forces
16. Radiation Damping
17. Touschek lifetime
18. Beam Cooling.

The course was divided in two halfs with two exams, one after each week. Marking was based on  the results of the exam and daily homework. Both QUASARs did extremely well and obtained an "excellent (+)" result.

Congratulations !!! 

Finally, the course involved an excursion to Jefferson Laboratory.