QUASAR Contributions to IPAC 2011

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The second International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC´11) took place at the Kursaal, San Sebastian, Spain from 4 to 9 September, 2011. It was the second conference in the new IPAC series evolving from the three regional conferences APAC, EPAC and PAC, and the first one in Europe.

Nine QUASAR Group members participated to this important event and contribute no less than 16 scientific papers to the conference program. This included our investigations into an improved understanding of the beam dynamics in low energy storage rings, as well as progress on beam diagnostics R&D for antiproton beams, CLIC and the LHC.  The conference allowed for critically discussing all projects and for getting feedback from leading experts. It also brought together members from the group's three locations in the UK, Switzerland and Germany.

It should also be noted that former QUASAR Christian Schömers (now: HIT) gave a very nice talk on "Implementation of an Intensity Feedback-loop for an Ion-therapy Synchrotron".