Massimiliano Putignano successfully completed his PhD project

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Former DITANET Fellow and QUASAR Massimiliano Putignano successfully passed his viva on November 6th 2012. Massimiliano's work covered the design and test of a novel curtain gas jet-based beam profile monitor for charged particle beams. The device has been optimized for operation in the Ultra-low energy Storage Ring (USR) at the future Facility for Low energy Antiproton and Ion Research (FLAIR) in Germany, but its flexible design also allows integration into other accelerator facilities.

Gas Jet Prototype

In his work he studied the phenomenon of gas expansion both analytically and numerically, and formulated a detailed theory of gas expansion to yield the gas target density and dimension at all points in its travel, as well as the residual gas pressures and required pumping speeds in all vacuum chambers. Furthermore, he worked on the technical and particle optical design and assembly of a dedicated experimental stand for the optimization and commissioning of this profile monitor. He carried out experimental tests that successfully demonstrated the residual gas operation mode of the monitor, reporting a spatial resolution of about 65 mm and a current resolution of about 50 mA.


PhD Thesis M Putignano