QUASAR Sehar Naveed attended JUAS

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The Marie Curie oPAC fellow and QUASAR Sehar Naveed attended a five week Joint Universities Accelerator School (JUAS) course ‘Sciences and Physics of Particle Accelerators’, in Archamps, France.

JUAS course is organised every year by European Scientific Institute with the support of CERN Accelerator School and 14 major European Universities. The structure and content of this intense training programme has been proposed and taught by Europe’s accelerator specialists as the programme is designed to meet the Europe-wide demand for a foundation course on accelerator physics and associated technologies. The training included 100 hours of lectures, tutorials seminars and workshops followed by the subsequent written test of the examination. The programme is completed by visits to several laboratories and a practical work day at CERN.

Sehar has described this course as energizing, enthralling, a gateway to new horizons and an effective blend of theory and practice. The training also provided her an opportunity to interact with the young and budding scientists and researchers from around the world and to discuss the cutting-edge developments and future trends in the field of accelerator sciences which in turn has enriched her perspectives about the impending research and technology.