QUASAR contributions to IPAC13

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QUASAR contributions to IPAC13

After finishing its first circle through Asia, Europe and North America, IPAC came back to Asia again. The 4th International Particle Accelerator Conference, IPAC13 took place in Shanghai, China, from 12 to 17 May, 2013. With 1,500 contributions and more than 1,200 delegates, IPAC is the largest conference in accelerator science and technology.

The QUASAR Group contributed six papers to this year’s conference, spanning from updates about research progress in the three QUASAR-coordinated networks DITANET, oPAC and LA³NET over a presentation of recent measurements at the Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology to our initial results on dielectric micro accelerators.

Tomasz Cybulski, Dr. Oleg Karamyshev and Prof. Carsten Welsch participated to the event and used the manifold opportunities for meeting collaboration partners and getting an overview of current research activities around the world.

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