Spreading the Word

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"Industry – Academia Collaboration" and the question „How to characterize a beam – without touching it“ were in the focus of talks that Prof. Carsten P. Welsch gave at CST AG in Darmstadt and KIT, Karlsruhe last month, respectively.

At CST he reflected summarized the positive experience the Group has made in collaborating with industry partners from around the world over the last few years. This included R&D collaboration, as well as the joint definition of effective training schemes for PGR students and research staff to open additional career opportunities for them.

At KIT Prof. Welsch talked about research into a digital micro mirror array-based beam halo monitor, instrumentation for medical applications and the LHC’s Longitudinal Density Monitor, all developed by members of the Group.

He will complete this series of talks with a presentation about “Cross-sector collaboration in Accelerator R&D” at Thorlabs, Munich later this month.