QUASAR Contribution to NEUDOS

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The NEUtron and ion DOSimetry symposium (NEUDOS12) is a three-yearly and probably the most important conference dedicated to scientific research and innovation in all the technologies regarding neutrons and ions.

This year it took place in Aix-en-Provence, France in the first week of June. At NEUDOS scientists from all over the world discuss new discoveries on neutron dosimetry, radiation protection, new application in industry, cancer treatment and so on. The conference brought together around 300 experts this year, including 13 invited speakers.

Among the different sessions covered by the scientific program, the ones that triggered the most interesting discussions were "Basic aspects and new issues of radiation protection for neutrons", "Complex radiation fields in aviation and space activities", and "Neutrons and ions in medicine".

Giacomo Manessi contributed a talk about "Instrument inter-comparison in the stray radiation field around the CERN proton synchrotron".

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