Ri Christmas lecture livestream comes to University of Liverpool

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A person posing for a photo.
Professor Mike Wooldridge

The University of Liverpool will host a livestream of the Royal Institution Christmas lectures on Thursday the 14th December. The event, which will take place in Hub 502, is open to the public and is hoping to attract school children, families and other people interested in science. The lecture being livestreamed is the second of this year’s three lectures. The Christmas lectures are an annual event which were initiated by Michael Faraday almost 200 years ago and have been broadcast on television since 1936.

In this year’s lectures Professor Mike Wooldridge will be exploring the truth behind Artificial Intelligence (AI), the most rapidly evolving field of science.  Mike will reveal how AI works and how it will affect our lives – and will tackle head-on our hopes and fears for this most fascinating of fields. 

Throughout the three Lectures, Mike will explore the big questions facing AI research and unravel the myths about how this ground-breaking technology really works. How can a machine be taught to play a game or translate from one language to another? He will show how computer programmes inspired by the human brain can be taught and even teach themselves. And he will tell the surprising story of how tools like the latest chatbots work and illustrate the mind-boggling scale of modern AI systems – that can be used in everything from gaming to movie-making to designing drugs. 

The QUASAR Group are organising this event and some members of the group will be on hand to explain the research they do which uses AI. Particle accelerators are one of the many areas of science which can utilise AI to improve performance and ways of using this technology are the subject of several current research projects.

Tickets for this event are now available at the following link: https://indico.ph.liv.ac.uk/event/1480/