QUASAR kicks off University of Liverpool’s Data Science CDT Student Seminar Series

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A person giving a presentation.
Lauryn Eley presenting her talk.

QUASAR and LIV.INNO student Lauryn Eley kicked off the LIV.INNO CDT student seminars on Friday 20th October with her talk titled ‘X-Ray Imaging in Geant4 for Medical Applications’. The subject of the seminar was Lauryn’s PhD research into 3D x-ray imaging, with specific focus on the Adaptix digital tomosynthesis (DT) device.  This device creates 3D x-ray images at lower dose and cost than achievable via competitor technology like CT, as well as being significantly more mobile.

The presentation began with an introduction of DT imaging concepts before shifting the focus to the theory of Monte Carlo Particle Transport (MCPT) codes.  Geant4 was highlighted as a key example of an MCPT code, and the talk discussed how to utilise such a code for the desired simulations of the Adaptix DT technique. Example results from Lauryn’s work up until now were included, and future research plans were also laid out.

More LIV.INNO student seminars are set to follow, with Andrea Sante’s upcoming talk on ‘Machine Learning techniques for Galactic Archaeology’ at 3pm on 21st November, which is open to all LIV.DAT and LIV.INNO students to attend.