Felix Soubelet completes PhD

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QUASAR and LIV.DAT student Felix Soubelet has successfully defended his PhD thesis and gained his PhD. Felix’s PhD looked at developing the optics for the high luminosity upgrade of the LHC. The beam parameters in HL-LHC need to be much more tightly controlled than in the original LHC so highly accurate modelling of the machine is required to optimise these parameters. Tools which automatically build models of the machine were used to aid this development work. Measurements of beam parameters in the LHC were taken then these were fed back in to the model to improve it further still. This process was continued until the required beam parameters were achieved in the model of HL-LHC.

Felix said “I enjoyed engaging with and being a part of the amazing science done at CERN. Participating in (sometimes my own) experiments in the control center was a highlight of my experience. I was surprised by the complexity of the LHC and consequently I was constantly learning about various parts or intricacies about it. I also think it is wonderful that people manage to create and operate something like this and I am amazed by the level of performance reached.”

Since completing his PhD Felix has accepted a fellowship at CERN where he will continue to do the things he loves including maths, physics, software developments and machine experiments.