Open positions in the QUASAR Group

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We are excited to announce several position vacancies in our Group for outstanding accelerator scientists.

Fellowship on Laser-driven Proton Therapy

We are offering a 3-year Fellowship in the MSCA Doctoral Network EuPRAXIA-DN to investigate next-generation particle beam therapy and associated online diagnostics through theoretical and experimental studies as part of a PhD. More details and eligibility rules can be found here.

Postdoc in AI for Particle Accelerators

This position is available until end of June 2025 initially and focuses on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning (ML) techniques for the design, optimization and operation of particle accelerators and light sources. Find out more and apply.

Postdoc in Ultra-compact High-gradient Particle Accelerators

You will carry out studies into the design and optimization of enhanced structures for ultra-compact dielectric laser accelerators and novel carbon nanotube (CNT)-based structures. The position is available until the end of June 2025 initially. Find out more and apply.

Liverpool Research Fellowship

The University of Liverpool has just launched a new 5-year Fellowship that can lead to a permanent academic post at the end, subject to positive evaluation. The QUASAR Group offers an outstanding research environment and has an excellent track record in developing talent. We would be delighted to discuss your research ideas and help with your application. Simply get in touch!