New look for AEgIS collaboration

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The new AEgIS homepage (credit: CERN)

A new look for the AEgIS collaboration website has been created including a new AEgIS logo. A group of American students who were in Switzerland as part of the SIT program were tasked with creating a modern and professional looking framework for the web appearance of the AEgIS collaboration. In just six weeks, the group of students designed the web pages you now see.

The SIT students were also asked to develop some new visuals for use on guided tours of the AEgIS facility at CERN (which currently attracts 150,000 visitors annually) and to develop strategies to raise funding for both Outreach and Scientific Equipment. The students explored the possibilities of fundraising at CERN, wrote a handbook about the fundamentals and started to use the pitch talk they created to contact local industry.

Part of the new look is a brand new logo for the collaboration. A local designer in Geneva designed this logo. The logo reflects the different aspects of the experiment with antimatter, gravity, interferometry and spectroscopy all represented in the rainbow coloured logo.

The new AEgIS logo. (Credit: CERN)

The AEgIS team plan to provide timely news updates on this new website as well as keeping publications, reports, teams and contacts section up to date. They are also planning to produce t-shirts for the team and some 3-D animations of the experiment to help people better understand what they are doing.

The AEgIS website can be found at