Welcome to our new intern

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Ines Maltusch next to the gas jet monitor.

We would like to welcome Ines Maltusch who joined the QUASAR Group, based at the Cockcroft Institute, for a 6-month internship in May 2022 and will be involved in the supersonic gas jet beam profile monitor project.

She will assist in further optimizations of the monitor, which will include simulations for the quantum gas jet monitor project and participate in an experiment at the Birmingham Centre for Nuclear Education and Research, where the monitor will be tested with a proton beam for medical accelerators for the first time. Her internship will provide her with valuable experience to achieve her Master’s degree.

Ines is from Germany and studies M.Sc. Nuclear Applications with a focus on Medical Physics at the Fachhochschule Aachen. Her bachelor thesis in Biomedical Engineering focused on the development of a wound dressing from silk protein fibers. She worked many years as a nurse in intensive care and plans her future career in health care as well, after graduating as a medical physics expert for radiation therapy.