QUASAR Fellow wins Early Career Award

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Volodymyr Rodin (Image credit: I. Prasad)

The winners of the 2021 Cockcroft Institute Early Career Excellence Awards have been announced. Volodymyr Rodin, who is a PhD student and Marie Curie Fellow in the University of Liverpool QUASAR Group, has been awarded the prize for Best Sustained Contribution. 

In his PhD project, Volodymyr investigates 6D beam dynamics in low energy ion and antiproton storage rings and beamlines. His goal is the realistic description of an experimental setup under consideration of all of the real-world effects ranging from fringe fields, stray fields, space charge, etc. to give an accurate representation of the beam transport and handling in simulation. This requires advanced simulations of stored beams, targets, as well as of all magnetic and electrostatic extraction, guiding and imaging fields that are part of each setup. Such a comprehensive simulation suite did not exist before the start of his studies, but is now available and will serve as a template for low energy beam transport studies for years to come.  

Volodymyr has been invited to present his research results at a number of international seminars, conferences and workshops. Furthermore, he has authored and co-authored several peer-reviewed articles and many conference proceedings.  

Volodymyr said “I am very appreciative to win this award, it tells me that my research work, communication with people, and experimental collaboration moving in the right direction. I will continue to advance various aspects of the accelerator physics and help to overcome the existing obstacles.”  

Volodymyr will give a Cockcroft Institute Seminar on his research later this year to celebrate this award.