EuPRAXIA featured in Optics & Photonics News

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Illustration of the Laser Wakefield Acceleration concept
Illustration of the Laser Wakefield Acceleration concept. Credit: R. Torres.

The magazine Optics & Photonics News has published a report article about laser wakefield acceleration in its latest issue.

The article features prominently the EuPRAXIA project as one of the world’s largest initiatives in the field, and cites Prof Carsten Welsch, Head of the QUASAR Group and EuPRAXIA’s director of communication, explaining the various challenges facing the project implementation.

Laser wakefield acceleration demands state-of-the-art high-power lasers, and to bring this technique from the proof-of-concept stage to the rough environment of a user facility, meeting the demands of a variety of beneficiaries, stable and robust high-power lasers are needed.

The opportunities offered by the wakefield acceleration concept have spurred many laser scientists and engineers to push the limits of currently available technology.

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