New to the QUASAR Group

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Oliver Stringer

Another successful year is coming to an end. Despite the challenges due to the ongoing pandemic the QUASAR Group can look back on exciting and eventful months filled with newly funded projects, fantastic research results and publications, successful events, completed PhD's and several new members joining our group.

One of our latest newcomers is Oliver Stringer. He started his PhD with the University of Liverpool and joined the QUASAR Group in October 2021. His topic focuses on the design and commissioning of a supersonic gas jet based beam profile monitor for use in the HL-LHC.

Oliver graduated from the University of Leeds with a Masters Degree in Aerospace Engineering in July 2021. His BEng project focused on the aerodynamic performance of the Mars helicopter, Ingenuity, compared to typical Earth-based aerofoil designs. His MEng project expanded upon a gap in literature of non-axisymmetric missile configurations with MBDA, a UK based arms manufacturer. Both of these projects heavily focused on Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) software and as a result, he has a good background performing fluid flow simulations in ANSYS Fluent.