Physica Medica Focus Issue published

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Physica Medica, European Journal of Medical Physics, provides an international forum for research and reviews in areas such as medical imaging, radiation therapy, as well as education and training in medical physics. The journal has just published a Focus Issue on the Optimization of Medical Accelerators.

The Focus Issue presents research highlights from the International Conference on Medical Accelerators and Particle Therapy that was organized in Seville, Spain by the Optimization of Medical Accelerators (OMA ) network.

The OMA project, led by the QUASAR Group, has joined universities, research centres and ion-beam treatment facilities together with leading industry partners, to address the challenges in cancer treatment facility design and optimization, numerical simulations for the development of advanced treatment schemes, beam imaging and treatment monitoring.

The network has been built around 15 early stage researchers (ESRs) working on dedicated projects to maximize the benefits of the use of particle beams for cancer treatment. The network consists of an international consortium of 38 partner organizations working in this field. It has provided a cross-sector interdisciplinary environment for beyond state-of-the-art research, researcher training, and new collaborations.

The conference provided an opportunity for all the Fellows to present their research outcomes to the medical accelerator community. It featured invited talks from research leaders, contributed talks and poster contributions, attracting more than 70 delegates from all around the world. The Focus issue presents key findings in areas such as range determination, novel diagnostics including cavity resonators, dose delivery systems for treating moving targets, and FLASH proton therapy.

All articles can be accessed via this website.

The OMA project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 675265.