June 2020 - Meeting of the PERLE Collaboration

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From the 3rd to the 5th of June the PERLE collaboration held a virtual meeting with about 50 participants. The goal of the PERLE Collaboration is to work towards the design and eventual construction of PERLE an ERL (Energy Recovery Linac) test facility in a new range of 10 MW power. PERLE is designed as a test facility for a potential ERL based LHeC (Large Hadron Electron Collider) as well as for having multiple scientific and technical applications in its own right. The meeting was introduced by Achille Stocchi, Director of the newly formed Irene Joliot Curie Lab, who declared the readiness of IJCLab to host PERLE at Orsay.

At the meeting there were presentations on a range of topics. These topics included reviews of the current progress, the future direction and timeline of the project, discussions of scientific applications of the machine and reports from other ERL projects/plans in the US and Germany. Among the areas where updates of the progress were presented were the lattice where a new six dipole per arc baseline was shown, the magnets and the main linac cryomodule. A presentation was made by Boris Militsyn on the development of high current sources and as well a presentation by QUASAR member Ben Hounsell, a joint Daresbury-Liverpool-IJCLab PhD student, on the design of the PERLE injector and its merger with the main ring.

GaAs photocathode preparation system image credit Boris Militsyn (STFC)

GaAs photocathode preparation system image credit Boris Militsyn (STFC)

The meeting ended with a summarising presentation on the outlook of PERLE towards its Technical Design Report, by Max Klein of Liverpool, and it concluded with a session of the PERLE Collaboration Board which discussed the next steps for formalising the status of PERLE.

Further information and the slides of the talks can be found at the indico link: https://indico.cern.ch/event/923021/