QUASAR awarded First Prize at CI Postgraduate Conference 2019

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Volodymyr Rodin presenting his talk at the CIPGC19 .

The 8th annual Cockcroft Institute Postgraduate Conference (CIPGC) was held on 30th October 2019 at the Merrison Lecture Theatre of Daresbury Laboratory. It attracted 45 postgraduates and academics from all four CI Universities - Lancaster, Liverpool, Manchester, Strathclyde - and ASTeC. The CIPGC is an important annual event for all CI postgraduates and it provides a platform for them to network and present research results to their peers and experienced academics.  

Participants at CI Postgraduate Conference 2019.

CI Director, Peter Ratoff opened the event, followed by Hywel Owen and Guoxing Xia who gave a brief  introduction of the CI postgraduate training program and the event arrangements.

Ten presentations were given by PhD students on the progress of their research during the past year, covering a wide variety of research activities going on at CI. In addition to the presentations, a poster session has been held, which gave senior postgraduate students the opportunity to introduce their research results to their peers and judging committee members.

Several members of the QUASAR Group presented a talk in this conference: Volodymyr Rodin presented his work on beam tracking studies in ELENA transfer lines, Milena Vujanovic gave a talk on beam halo measurements at Diamond Light Source using DMD, Liam Soomary talked about development of preparation and commissioning techniques for high brightness photoelectron sources used in accelerator applications, and Lina Hoummi gave an update on her study and optimisation of the non-linear and 6D dynamics of an electron beam in an ultra-low emittance storage ring.

A judging committee made up of academics from the CI partners marked each presentation based on their presentation style, technical content, research context and question handling. The overall quality of the presentations was very high.

Institute Director Peter Ratoff congratulates Volodymyr Rodin for his prize-winning talk.

We are delighted to announce that QUASAR Volodymyr Rodin was awarded First Prize for his presentation. Congratulations!