Retour de SOLEIL

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Image credit Synchrotron SOLEIL

After two years within the walls of the French national synchrotron SOLEIL, Lina Hoummi is finally back to Liverpool to start writing her thesis! As part of her PhD, she joined her supervisor Ryutaro Nagaoka and the Accelerator Physics group to work on the upgrade project of the SOLEIL 2.75 GeV storage ring.

Overseas, she learnt single-particle beam dynamics to help design and analyse ultra-low emittance lattices, which could provide a hundred times increase in brilliance on the photon beam, decreasing the time resolution of beamline experiments by the same factor. There, she also worked on the nonlinear 6D dynamics of such lattices, to increase the electron beam lifetime and stability area.

Now back in Cockcroft Institute, Lina will finish her latest studies before writing her thesis. Keep up the good work!