Les Journées Accélérateurs

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QUASAR member Lina Hoummi attended the so-called Journées Accélérateurs, organised by the SFP (Société Française de Physique): two days and a half every two years, dedicated to accelerator science in France. A wide range of machines and techniques was represented: colliders, linacs, synchrotrons, XFELs, laser-plasma acceleration, medical accelerators.

At this occasion, Lina inaugurated the postgraduate session, presenting her study and optimisation of the nonlinear and 6D dynamics of the ultra-low emittance storage ring, applied to the upgrade of the synchrotron SOLEIL. Exhibiting the two main lattice schemes under scope, she then introduced nonlinear optimisation techniques such as MOGA (Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm) with examples of her latest works. The second part of her presentation was dedicated to a higher-order description of the longitudinal plane and the momentum compaction factor. Slides and further explanations can be found here :


A good way to start her final year!