QUASAR scoops a summer intern post

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QUASAR Pavel Juarez-Lopez has been selected for a 3 month summer intern position at the HZB facility in Berlin, joining their photocathode team to work on the production and characterisation of multi-alkali metal CsKSb (caesium potassium antimonide) thin film photocathodes.  The summer intern post was offered by Dr Julius Kühn at HZB through the prestigious German RISE (Research Internships in Science and Engineering) programme, and was open to competition. 

Pavel is a 3rd year student jointly-appointed by ASTeC and the University of Liverpool to research metal photocathodes for 4th generation electron accelerators, supervised by Dr Lee Jones and Prof Carsten Welsch.  To-date, Pavel’s work has focussed on characterising the performance of metal photocathodes using the TESS (Transverse Energy Spread Spectrometer) experimental system, and this timely temporary appointment is a great opportunity for Pavel to learn about multi-alkali photocathode production and characterisation, and their importance as an accelerator technology. 

This is a great opportunity for Pavel to broaden his knowledge in the field of photocathodes and to experience the working culture in another laboratory, plus he will bring his knowledge back to Daresbury which will coincide nicely with our plans to develop the capability to produce multi-alkali photocathodes here.  Our colleagues at HZB are also interested in our TESS facility, so this is likely to be a two-way exchange of knowledge.