QUASAR attends CAS in Thessaloniki

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Participants at CAS, Greece.

QUASAR member Lina Hoummi attended the last CERN Accelerator School (CAS), held in Thessaloniki, Greece. This topical school was the first of its kind, gathering experts on novel computing methods for particle accelerators. Mostly interested in genetic algorithms and nonlinear analysis, Lina discovered new ways of lattice optimisation thanks to the analysis technique course. Several afternoons were dedicated to practise sessions, where theory was simulated and played with. The really intensive course organised two seminars on hot topics: dark matter and gravitational waves, which enhanced the link between accelerator physics and aerospace. 

As CAS is also about socialising, students gathered for… a film! Lina joined the program committee which elected the projected movie Pink Floyd : The Wall ! The heavy atmosphere was relieved by beers and popcorns. The following day, excursion to Vergina, where we visited Macedonian tombs, among which the tomb of King Philipp II, father of Alexander the Great, followed by lunch and wine testing in a winery of Naoussa.

Now back at SOLEIL, Lina focuses again on her own studies - with the CERN Accelerator School lecture notes opened in front of her!