QUASAR awarded prize at CI postgraduate conference

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Amir presenting a talk on developing a gas-jet based beam profile monitor.

The 7th annual postgraduate conference took place on 24th of October at the Cockcroft Institute (CI). Postgraduates from the Cockcroft partner universities - Liverpool, Manchester, Lancaster and Strathclyde - were provided a platform to discuss their ongoing research.

The conference started with an opening talk from Peter Ratoff director of Cockcroft Institute, followed by Andrew Vick and Tobias Junginger who discussed ASTeC’s role in training the PhD students at CI.

Twelve presentations were given, predominantly by 2nd year PhD students on the progress of their research during the past year, followed by a discussion on their findings and next steps that need to be taken. The QUASAR group of University of Liverpool was represented in this conference by Ben Hounsell and his talk on Progress of the PERLE injector, and his work on design of compact, high resolution x-ray imaging systems, Bianca Veglia and her beam tracking studies of electron cooling in ELENA and Amir Salehilashkajani and his work on developing a gas-jet based beam profile monitor.

For his engaging presentation Amir was awarded with the second prize. Congratulations!