QUASAR Ben Hounsell attends the Electrons for the LHC - LHeC/FCC-eh and PERLE workshop

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Participants at the Electrons for the LHC - LHeC/FCC-eh and PERLE workshop

The Electrons for the LHC – LHeC/FCC-eh and Perle workshop took place from the 26th to the 28th of June at LAL Orsay. The purpose of this workshop was to discuss the two future electron-hadron collider options, the LHeC (Large Hadron Electron Collider) and FCC-eh (Future Circular Collider Electron Hadron), as well as PERLE (Powerful Energy Recovery Linac for Experiments) a smaller test facility. Both the accelerator physics involved in the machines and their particle physics applications were discussed at the workshop.

The LHeC would use the currently existing LHC as the hadron accelerator and a 60 GeV ERL (Energy Recovery Linac) to accelerate the electrons. The two beams would then be collided. The LHeC ERL is a significant jump in scale compared to currently existing ERLs. So to bridge the gap a test facility PERLE is planned. PERLE is a three turn, 500 MeV, 20 mA ERL which would be built at LAL Orsay the location of the workshop.

Among the attendees from the University of Liverpool and the Cockcroft Institute was joint University of Liverpool-LAL Orsay PhD student Ben Hounsell who is currently based at the Cockcroft Institute. Ben presented his first external scientific presentation on the progress made on the design of the PERLE injector summarising the work done during the first ten months of his PhD.  His project involves the design and optimisation of this component of the machine using beam dynamics simulation tools and multi-objective optimisation algorithms.

For further information and talks, please visit the event webpage: https://indico.cern.ch/event/698368/