Lina Hoummi presents options for SOLEIL upgrade optimization at UKSR50

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Participants at UKSR50.

QUASAR member Lina Hoummi attended the conference UKSR50, held in Liverpool, 26-29 June 2018. The conference, celebrating the 50 year anniversary of synchrotron radiation in the UK, gathered scientists from many areas, e.g. crystallography, biology. The perfect opportunity for the synchrotron PhD student to learn about users’ needs and ideal when you study on the upgrade of the SOLEIL synchrotron!

Lina presented her first poster on the comparison of two schemes for the SOLEIL upgraded storage ring:
The candidate baseline lattice is inspired by the ESRF-type lattice, a –I transformation compensating the nonlinear impact of a sextupole thanks to the lattice symmetry and a tight controlled betatron phase advance between sextupoles.

The so-called high-order achromat lattice, based on a unitcell, which tight betatron phase advance and local chromaticity correction allow a control on sextupoles resonances.
Their performances both in transverse and longitudinal planes were set against, highlighting the advantages and limitations of both designs.