Focus on Diversity - Hao Zhang, China

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I come from Chongqing, a major city in southwest China and one of China’s four direct-controlled municipalities. It received its current name in 1189, after Prince Zhao Dun of the Southern Song dynasty described his crowning as king and then Emperor as a "double celebration". The Yangtze River runs through the city and the city is very famous for spicy food and humid weather.

Before I came to the UK, I spent four years in Beijing, the capital city of China to do my bachelor degree and finished my PhD in the University of Maryland near Washington D.C., the capital city of USA. To me, they share the similar dry weather and mostly sunny days, which is quite different from the wet weather here in the UK. However, the rainy days make me actually comfortable because most of the memories of my childhood happened in such weather. People ask me why I came to the UK after experiencing the USA. It is a hard question and I would always answer in a joking tone that it is because of the football. However, the football culture here is indeed an attracting factor to me. Football is my lifetime hobby. To watch a live Premier League match is like a dream come true and I will never forget the moment when I sang “You will never walk alone” in the Anfield stadium of Liverpool football club.

Regarding the city of Liverpool, you cannot avoid talking about its culture, especially its characteristic dialect, Scouse. When I first heard a Scouser speaking to me, I was completely confused. Later I found out that, compared with the Received Pronunciation, which gives you an impression of seriousness, the scouse is more lively and vivid. In addition, the scouse uses some words in a way in which the Received Pronunciation will never use. This is very similar to my home city’s dialect, Chongqing dialect in relation to Mandarin.

Currently, I am working in the University of Liverpool as a post-doctoral research associate, but I spend most of my working time in the Cockcroft Institute, which is located in Daresbury, the home of Lewis Carroll, the author of Alice and Wonderland. My research interest covers a wide range of accelerator physics. Specifically, I am working on the beam diagnostics. I am enjoying the research environment here and the people around are all friendly and helpful. The surrounding environment is also lovely with woods and canals. I enjoy walking around in the country road with my day dreams. Perhaps someday, I might fall into a rabbit hole and land on a wonderland of new discoveries. I guess that could be the wishes from all accelerator researchers.