QUASAR – Science Without Borders

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‌If you want world diversity in a nutshell, The QUASAR Group is your group. The QUASAR Group at the University of Liverpool and the Cockcroft Institute is a good example of how Science knows no borders and joins mankind regardless of nationality, gender or age for the sake of curiosity and discovery.

QUASAR members come from all corners of the world. Currently almost 20 nationalities are united by a common feeling: our passion for Science. We are coming from various countries across Europe, Asia, America and Oceania. For instance, Jacinta Yap joined us from Australia. Jacinta was determined to pursue a career in medical physics and decided to join our group and the Optimisation of Medical Accelerators (OMA) project to do PhD where she applies advanced Monte Carlo simulation techniques to model beam-cell interactions and to thus help fight cancer. A similar motivation attracted Roland Schnuerer from Germany to Liverpool. He is carrying out research into the use of a Silicon-strip detector for monitoring ion beams used for cancer treatment in novel least-invasive ways. 

AVA (Accelerators Validating Antimatter physics) is another international project coordinated by our group. The QUASARs Bianca Veglia and Bruno Galante from Italy, Milena Vujanovic from Montenegro, and Volodymyr Rodin from Ukraine are all part of this new innovative training network. They develop new monitors, beam handling techniques and advanced beam cooling mechanisms that enable entirely new experiments with antimatter beams at CERN. 

Our group has an outstanding track record in coordinating international training networks, such as OMA and AVA with Fellows who come from practically all continents. This underpins all of the research we are carrying out. This international spirit strengthens research capacity and excellence.

Science has always been a flagship for diversity, breaking walls and encouraging international collaboration beyond any kind of prejudice. We have no doubt that this is one of the main engines for high quality research and progress. Therefore, all of us from the QUASAR Group want to reiterate our commitment to equity and diversity on this special #MotherLanguageDay.

This day will also launch our new series 'Focus on diversity – A representation of the different nationalities within the Quasar Group' which will give you a more personal insight into the everyday life, work, motivation and challenges of our group members. Watch this space!

Dr Javier Resta López, QUASAR Deputy Group leader