PhD successfully completed!

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Congratulations to Miguel Fernandes for completing his PhD project on a novel monitor for measuring the absolute intensity of very low energy, low intensity ion and antiproton beams.

Miguel joined our group in April 2013, at the same time he started his PhD studies at the University of Liverpool with support from a Marie Curie Fellowship in the oPAC project. His research project has been conducted at CERN in the area of beam instrumentation. Specifically, he has been studying the application of Superconductor magnetic shields and Superconducting QUantum Interference Devices (SQUIDs) to develop a high sensitivity beam current monitor for the low-energy antiproton rings AD and ELENA. His work included designing, implementing and measuring the performance of such system. This cryogenic current comparator (CCC) has now already become a real operational instrument and illustrates the success of his development.

Full details about the monitor can be found in this paper: 'Non-perturbative measurement of low-intensity charged particle beams', M. Fernandes, R. Geithner, J. Golm, R. Neubert, M. Schwickert, T. Stöhlker, J. Tan and C P Welsch, Superconductor Science and Technology, Volume 30, Number 1