CI Postgraduate Conference 2017

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QUASAR Roland Schnuerer presenting his work at CI Postgraduate Conference.

The 6th annual Postgraduate Conference was held on 3rd November 2017 at the Cockcroft Institute. With more than 40 postgraduates attending, the conference provided a platform to exchange information and practising presentation skills.

The conference was opened by an introductory talk of the organizer Guoxing Xia and the Head of the Cockcroft Institute Peter Ratoff.

Following, overall twelve 15 minute presentations were given by 2nd and 3rd year PhD students. The QUASAR group was represented by Jacinta Yap, explaining her work on Halo-Dose Correlation in a Medical Accelerator, David Pavel Juarez Lopez, talking about Measurement of the Longitudinal Energy Distribution of Electrons in Low Energy Beams using Electrostatics Elements and Roland Schnuerer, presenting his project about the Development of a Non-invasive Online Beam Monitor using LHCb VELO. 

Afterwards a dedicated poster session allowed all participants to have a look at further research areas within the Cockcroft Institute. QUASAR Joseph Wolfenden and James Hunt presented their work.

Moreover, representing the University of Liverpool as one of the panel judges, QUASAR group deputy head Dr. Javier Resta Lopez provided feedback to the students.