ESS Imaging Project reaches another Design Milestone

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QUASAR Group researcher Dr Mark Ibison recently took part in the important Critical Design Review (CDR) of the diagnostic beam imaging systems for the European Spallation Source (ESS), a very large multi-national neutron source facility under construction in Lund, Sweden.

He is working as part of a group headed by Professor Erik Adli of Oslo University and has particular responsibility for the ‘Tuning Dump’ imaging. This system will create images of the proton beam as it enters the dump during tune-up of the accelerator, in preparation for sending a full-power beam onto the target, where copious supplies of neutrons will be generated for research.

The review committee looked carefully at the proposed design, and while generally favourable, they made some important suggestions for improvements before the project enters the implementation phase. Mark will continue to be involved well into 2018, looking at different options for mounting the imaging cameras where they will survive the high radiation levels, and also at the best construction for the screens which produce light to create the image when placed into the beam.