ALICE - A Large Ion Collider Experiment



M. Chartier (Principal Investigator)


J. Dainton

Emeritus Professor

R. Lemmon

Visiting Senior Research Fellow

C. Hills

PhD Student

J. Norman

PhD Student


The Liverpool ALICE group plays a leading role in the Upgrade of the Inner Tracking System (ITS).

In particular we lead the Monte Carlo simulations of the (lambda)c measurements for the ITS Upgrade. These measurements are used as the baseline to study the performance of the upgraded detector and are some of the most important physics measurements that justify the upgrade.

Our proposed responsibilities in the construction of the ITS Upgrade include the manufacture of large composite support structures (in the Advanced Material Laboratory of the Physics Department) and the assembly of 25% of the modules of the Outer Layers of the Outer Barrel (in the Liverpool Semiconductor Detector Centre of the Physics Department).


Schematic layout of the new ITS detector to be constructed.

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