Research  writing

We offer a range of webinars, workshops and online resources to help you develop your writing style during your PhD, applicable at all stages of the PhD from advice to help you start your research writing, advice on constructing academic documents and  suggestions to maintain your motivation in writing. The programme also includes regular Writing Retreats to help you focus on your writing.

Narration for the Writing theme video (PDF)

    Online Workshops and webinars 2020 – 2021

    The programme includes webinars on Research Writing that start in spring 2021 and these will cover issues around general writing, writing for journals and thesis writing.

    •    Research Writing 1: Finding motivation and making a start
    •    Research Writing 2: Constructing an academic document
    •    Research Writing 3: Managing the editing process

    We also have a series of online workshops that will be delivered by an external provider, including:

    •    Critical analysis of research papers
    •    Getting your Work Published
    •    Get going on your thesis

    Workshop dates are published in the Programme timetable and registration is open at least one month beforehand.


    Online provision

    We also offer the following online resources:

    • Research Writing - This is a collection of video and written materials, and further web references, which presents the essential features of research writing, together with advice and useful techniques.  NB This is an expansive set of notes that aims to cover PGR needs at different stages of their research degree.

    See also:

    • Research Integrity - These packages from Epigeum cover issues around integrity in academic publishing.

    Two further resources accompany our webinars on research writing and contain links to a number of very useful external sites.

    • Apps for Research Productivity A range of apps that may help you improve your research productivity and organisation.

    • Research Writing - Resources and guidance to help your research writing and develop good techniques and practise.
    Writing Retreats

    Writing Retreats offer a space away from your normal workplace where you  can focus on your writing alongside similarly minded colleagues and with peer pressure to help you avoid common habits in procrastination. The session is managed to promote intensive periods of writing spaced with short breaks where you can share your progress and your problems.

    This year we plan to continue the mini-writing retreats, 2 -3 hour retreats, on an approximately monthly basis. Details will be advertised in the LDC Development timetable and in the monthly LDC Newsletters.

    University Regulations on Thesis submission

    Information on the requirements for submission of a PhD thesis at the University of Liverpoolcan be found in the PGR Code of Practice:

    APPENDIX 7 Policy on Submission of a Research Degree Thesis for Examination – This appendix  lists the general principles of the thesis submission and the requirements on the preparation of the thesis, including the maximum word count and where exceptions may be permitted.

    See also:

    • PGR CoP Appendix 7 Annex 1: Guidelines for Formatting and Presentation of a PGR Degree Thesis to UoL for Examination - This part includes information on Formatting and Presentation of the Thesis. The guide covers details such as the formatting of the thesis, the use of sources and references, the table of contents, the requirements for the abstract, advice on page margins, and presentation of any supporting material.

    • PGR CoP Appendix 7 Annex 2: Guidelines on presentation of publications within a PGR thesis - This part contains Information for those including their research publications directly within the thesis, as one or more chapters. There is advice on what you can and cannot include, how to format the resulting document and how to request permission to submit your thesis through this process.