Poster Day and Poster Day Online

Important information: From 1st Oct 2015 the PGR Development programme will be managed by the new Liverpool Doctoral college. We expect provision for Poster Day to continue, possibly arranged on a per faculty basis. Your School or Institute should provide further information when details are available.
Poster Day and Poster Day Online provide opportunities for public communication: to introduce your research, in poster format, to those outside your discipline, to discuss this with academics, fellow research students and visitors from outside your discipline and to learn about other research undertaken across all Faculties of the University.

You can fulfil this component of the PGR development Programme through attendance at one of the two options:

The yearly on-campus event in Liverpool. An opportunity to present your poster to academic staff and to discuss your research with fellow research students and colleagues from all faculties.
A three week online event for those unable to attend the event in Liverpool. An opportunity to present your research to a wider academic audience, independent of  location, to view other posters over a longer period, and to engage in online discussions.

The wider aims of Poster Day and Poster Day Online are to contribute to a strong and vibrant postgraduate research community, and to serve as a social and networking event, which allows learning, feedback and information to be freely exchanged between disciplines, departments, faculties and partner institutions, in a friendly and supportive environment.

Programme Timing

The events normally take place in March/April of each year.

Programme Eligibility

PGRs are eligible to attend Poster Day/Poster Day Online from the beginning of their second year, or for part-time students from the start of their third year. Attendance may be deferred to later years for personal or professional reasons, but all PGRs must ensure that they attend one of these events before graduation.


Poster Preparation and Presentation

PGR Development provide a range of opportunities to help you prepare for Poster Day and other research poster events: