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About me
I completed my undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Southampton. After graduating I moved to Liverpool to take a Research Assistant post in PFG. My role was funded by the BBSRC as part of the LOLA CoPYCAT project; a large-scale project, across two sites, in Manchester and Liverpool. The project aims to provide quantification data, to the level of molecules-per-cell, for the Saccharomyces cerevisiae proteome. The absolute quantification strategy utilises an internal, stable isotope labelled, QconCAT protein standard. A large part of my role was to express the QconCAT proteins, through E.coli culture, and prepare them for use in the quantification workflow; I was also involved in acquiring and processing the quantification data. During my time with the PFG, in addition to my Research Assistant role, I have also completed an MPhil in my spare time, supervised by Prof Beynon. In my thesis, entitled “QconCAT method development and applications in proteomics”, I reviewed how I shortened and streamlined the production workflow for the QconCAT protein standards. My current work is with Prof Beynon’s fellowship and involves collaborative work with Avacta and their Affimer technology.

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