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We are a dedicated team whose research is focused on the application of proteomics and analytical mass spectrometry to the analysis of biological systems. Our current projects include global quantitative proteome profiling, proteome-wide analysis of protein turnover, positional proteomics and discovery and comparative proteomics in a range of systems, including the NFkappaB pathway and a range of disease processes.

A key collaboration is with Professor Jane Hurst, working on the role of proteins and peptides in rodent chemical communication. For more details of this collaboration, visit the website of the Mammalian Evolution and Behaviour Group at Liverpool [

Our primary technology is mass spectrometry, and our instrumentation suite comprises thirteen instruments, ranging from ion traps to more sophisticated Orbitrap and QToF/ion mobility instruments. We operate almost exclusively in nanoflow mode, delivering samples at 300nL/minute. Surrounding this instrumentation is a range of tools for separation science and analytical protein chemistry.