Useful Resources for Further Information

This section provides links to further relevant information on the responsible use of metrics.

The San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA) established in 2012 marked the official start of the movement for better research assessment. As of early 2024, over 24,000 individuals and organisations in 165 countries committed to this important initiative by becoming DORA signatory. Two other important report followed in 2015 that further build on DORA recommendations: The Metric Tide and the Leiden Manifesto.


The Hong Kong Principles for assessing researchers published in 2016 calls for rewarding researchers based on how open, transparent and rigorous they are during all stages of the research projects.

Snowball Metrics is an initiative developing robust and clearly defined methodologies for research metrics owned by research-intensive universities.  They aim to standardise metrics without the need to tie them to any particular provider of data or tools.

Metrics toolkit and MyRI are useful resources listing available metrics, explain how they are calculated, how they should be used responsibly and how they can help create a narrative about research impact.

The Bibliomagician provides guidance from the bibliometrics community on the progress in metrics development and captures new trends and good practice.

The University's Guide to Narrative CVs is a practical introduction to the production of CVs that focus on a broader understanding of a researcher’s outputs, skills and experiences than that provided by journal-based metrics and other quantitative assessment measures.

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