Who We Are - The University of Liverpool Open Research Community

We want to build a community for all those interested in open research. This is a space where we can share ideas, celebrate good practice and advocate for open research.

Our goals:


To showcase open research outputs from researchers at the University of Liverpool including open publications, open data, open education, open engagement and more!


To promote and educate on open research tools available within the University and beyond.


To facilitate interactions between researchers at the University of Liverpool and beyond who are interested in making their research open and collaborating with other researchers from a wide range of disciplines.


To provide a space for conversations on open research – good or bad – to develop ideas on best practice and to understand the pros and cons of open research in our research environment.


Who’s welcome?

We welcome anyone involved in the research lifecycle – from students to professors, including academics and professional services. We aim to be inclusive and supportive for research interested people from all backgrounds and in all fields.



The Open Research Community has been launched by colleagues in the University of Liverpool's Open Research Team. If you have any questions, concerns, or simply want a chat, feel free to reach out to one of us.

Melissa Clasper Open Access Engagement Officer


Alice Howarth UKRN Project Officer


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