Samuele Cotta

Samuele received his Bachelor’s degree in Physics in 2013 from the University of Insubria in Como (Italy), with a thesis about the characterization of a PbWO4 calorimeter read out by SiPM.

In the same year he started his master’s studies at the University of Insubria, focusing on medical physics.

Samuele obtained his Master’s degree in Physics in March 2016 with a thesis about the characterization of an active detector for neutron flux measurements. During his thesis work he assembled and tested a detector based on a CsI crystal, which was then used to measure the neutron contamination flux in a radiotherapy treatment room. The results were also obtained through Monte Carlo simulations with Geant4.

In January 2017 he joined the OMA project at ViALUX in Chemnitz. The project will focus on the enhancement of the long-term reliability of new 3D/4D scanning sensors for use in radiotherapy environment.



Optimization of high-performance 3D/4D surface scanning technology for patient monitoring in radiotherapy environment