ODEMM – Work Package 4 – Management Options

Led by GerJan Piet

During the conception of the project it was anticipated that for all of the operational objectives which were identified in Work Package 3 more than one management regime could be used to achieve these targets. Due to the different ways certain management regimes could affect marine stakeholders and European stakeholders Work Package 4 subjected these to analysis.

The objectives of Work Package 4 were as follows:

  • Identify those human activities most likely to compromise the operational objectives.
  • Develop a range of realistically feasible management strategies or options for these activities, using different types of measures and tools, to achieve regional Operational Objectives.
  • Apply a formal evaluation of these management strategies using a Management Strategy Evaluation (MSE) tool.
  • Consider the resources required in terms of infrastructure and governance to enforce the management strategies evaluated.

The following tasks were associated with the work package:

  • Task 4.1: Integrated assessment (IA) to identify those manageable activities that could compromise achieving operational objectives.
  • Task 4.2: Selection of an appropriate suite of indicators.
  • Task 4.3: Choice and elaboration of the management measures.
  • Task 4.4: Development of decision-support tools for management scenarios.
  • Task 4.5: Selection of management strategies.
  • Task 4.6: Management Strategy Evaluation (MSE).
  • Task 4.7: Implications for infrastructure and governance.
  • Task 4.8: Complete major outputs for WP4.


Intergrated Management Strategy Evaluation based on Risk Assessment

Assessing Performance outcomes of management strategies for regional case studies.