ODEMM – Work Package 5 - Risk Assessment

Led by Tony Knights & Leonie Robinson

Work Package 5 assessed the risk of failing to meet high level objectives in different marine environments. In the context of this project risk was defined as a function of the probability and consequence of particular events occurring that would affect the desired endpoint, where the desired endpoint here is achievement of high-level objectives, with particular emphasis placed upon diverse human sectors within the marine environment.

The objectives of this work package were as follows:

  • To identify the major sources of risk associated with meeting high-level objectives in European regional seas.
  • To design a risk-assessment framework that can cover the likely diversity of risk sources associated with meeting high-level objectives.
  • To apply the risk assessment framework to a number of case studies in each European regional sea.


  • Task 5.1: Identify the likely sources of risk associated with meeting high-level objectives.
  • Task 5.2: Design a risk assessment framework to deal with the likely diversity of risk sources.
  • Task 5.3: Applying the risk assessment for a selection of operational objectives in each region.
  • Task 5.4: Completing the outputs for WP5:


An exposure-effect risk assessment methodology to evaluate the performance of management scenarios: Case study examples from Europe’s regional seas

An exposure-effect approach for evaluating ecosystem-wide risks from human activities.