The Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) allows for the distributed nature of PV research in the UK with a multi-centre team of seven partners covering all aspects of PV research from novel materials through new device architectures to PV systems and performance. The PhD projects and training span engineering and physical science expertise in materials and device physics, electronic engineering, physical and synthetic chemistry, operations management and manufacturing. The CDT graduates will be capable of transforming state of the art R&D across the PV technologies and, in so doing, contribute to the production and implementation of improved PV products and systems.

Each student within the CDT will work on a challenging and detailed research project that is embedded in the wider PV research landscape. Inter-laboratory and collaborative actions will feature strongly: the team offers unparalleled access to its shared equipment and expertise base. Research projects are selected in an annual competition in order to ensure that the maximum benefit is achieved from the unique environment for both training and research outcomes that the team approach brings. The CDT will provide the ideal environment for leading edge research in its programme delivery.

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in New & Sustainable Photovoltaics is funded by EPSRC.