Port of Call - 2012-2013

The previous incarnation of the Miriam Allott Series, Port of Call, ran during the 2012-2013 academic year. During this time, many esteemed and award-winning international writers were featured, including James Byrne, Valzhyna Mort, and Marilyn Hacker. Links to recordings from the events are below.

Alvin Pang & James Byrne

Alvin Pang is the author of six volumes of poetry, among many other publications. In 2005 he won Young Artist of the Year by the National Arts Council Singapore. James Byrne is a poet, translator and editor of The Wolf magazine. Among his many publications are four acclaimed poetry collections and two anthologies. 

To listen to the reading, click here.

Valzhyna Mort

Valzhyna Mort is a Belarusian poet who now lives in the United States. She has published four poetry collections and in 2004 won the Crystal Vilencia Award in Slovenia for best poetry performance. To listen to the reading, click here

The "Port of Call: Poetics, Translation and Global Migration" project is part of a collaboration with the Poets in the World series created by the Harriet Monroe Poetry Institute at the Poetry Foundation. The Poets in the World series supports research and publication of poetry and poetics from around the world and highlights the importance of creating a space for poetry in local communities. 

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