Events attended

This page lists the events that members of the group have been invited to speak at.

ASAB Easter Conference 2017

The ASAB Easter conference 2017 was organised by Paula Stockley, Stefan Fischer, Jane Hurst and members of the Mammalian Behaviour & Evolution research group.

First ‘LivLABS’ Behaviour Symposium

Jane Hurst, Paula Stockley, Kieron Pounder and Rutendo Wazara each gave short presentations at the first meeting of the new Liverpool League of Animal Behaviour Scientists (LivLABS) symposium in March 2016, bringing together Liverpool-based researchers with shared interests in the study of behaviour.

International Conservation and Commercial Breeding Symposium

Rhiannon Bolton and Rutendo Wazara each presented posters and gave short talks at the first International Conservation and Commercial Breeding Symposium, held in Chester, March 2016. Watch a video of the Symposium.

PPC Live 2016

Jane Hurst gave a presentation on the team’s ScentMaRC project at the British Pest Control Association’s annual trade conference in Peterborough in March 2016, leading to a feature article in Pest Magazine.

Genetics and Development of Cooperation

Stefan Fischer and Rhiannon Bolton each gave poster presentations at an international workshop on the evolution of cooperation, held in Bern, February 2016.

ASAB Easter 2015

Nicola Davidson presented a poster on reducing the impact of rodenticides on non-target wildlife at the Easter meeting in Durham.

ECRO 2014

Jane Hurst gave a plenary on kin recognition through scent at the European Chemoreception Reception Organisation conference in Dijon.

ISBE 2014

Jakob Bro-Jorgensen, Jonathan Green and Helen Bayram presented talks on horn size in bovids, genetic kin recognition in house mice and social status and ejaculate investment at ISBE 2014 in New York.

Rodens et Spatium 2014

Jane Hurst gave a plenary on rodent scent communication at the International Conference on Rodent Biology in Lisbon.

Evolution 2014

Dominic Edward recently presented a talk on on “A novel application of proteomics to quantify adaptive responses to sperm competition” at Evolution 2014 in Raleigh, NC.

ASAB Easter Meeting

Liane Hobson presented a poster on “Does inbreeding avoidance drive dispersal? A comparative test in primates” at the ASAB meeting held in Sheffield, April 2014. Her poster was listed as 'highly commended' on the list awarded by Health and Life Sciences.

Behaviour meets Biochemistry

Sarah Roberts, Rob Beynon, Jane Hurst, Jonathan Green and Emma Hoffman all contributed research talks at the joint ASAB / Biochemical Society meeting on 'Animals making sense of molecules making scents', London, February 2014.

Ungulate management

Jakob Bro-Jorgensen gave a talk on the status and management of ungulates in Kenya at the workshop 'Ungulate Management in the World', Erice, Sicily, October/November 2013.


Helen Bayram gave a talk at the 12th Biology of Spermatozoa meeting in Derbyshire in September 2013.


Kelly Gouveia gave an invited talk at the 31st World Veterinary Congress held in Prague, September 2013.

ECRO 2013

Jane Hurst gave a talk at the ECRO meeting organised by Peter Mombaerts in Leuven, August 2013.


Sarah Roberts, Jonathan Green, and Ben Payne all contributed research talks at the 11th International Mammalogical Conference in Belfast, August 2013. Also, Paula Stockley organised a symposium on 'Sexual selection and reproductive competition in mammals' with Antje Engelhardt

Behaviour 2013

Jane Hurst gave the opening plenary at the International Ethological Conference in Newcastle in August 2013. Jonathan Green and Emma Hoffman both gave research talks.

AChemS 2013

Jane Hurst gave a talk at the Association for Chemoreception Sciences meeting held in Huntingdon Beach, California in April 2013.

ASAB Easter 2013

Helen Bayram gave a talk presenting results from her PhD and other MBE students attended the ASAB Easter meeting in Lincoln.

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