Tom Williams Harrison

Tom graduated from the University of Oxford with a bachelors degree in Physics in 2016. His final year project was with National Instruments, on the automation of laboratory physics experiments.

After leaving Oxford he came to the University of Liverpool to work for six months on the g-2 collaboration. This involved working in the Liverpool Semiconductor Detector Centre to aid in fabricating straw tracking detector modules, as well as writing software for visually troubleshooting the results of the track-finding algorithm.

In October 2017, Tom began a PhD studentship at the University of Liverpool under the LIV.DAT CDT, in conjunction with LHCb. His project will involve working with LHCb to optimise the trigger process of the detector, as it is due to be replaced in time for the increase in proton-proton collision rate across the LHC in "run 3", 2021. He will also investigate the decays of the Λb particle, and measure the properties of the results of the decays.



LHCb Trigger-Based B-Physics Analysis