Aravinda Perera

Aravinda Perera graduated with an MSci in Physics at Imperial College London in 2017. Whilst at Imperial, he was an Undergraduate Researcher in the John Adams Institute for Accelerator Science, where he worked on several projects in plasma wakefield acceleration (PWFA). These included the development of parallelised codes to simulate relativistic wave-breaking in laser- and beam-driven PWFA, as well as hybrid electromagnetic-fluid codes for the interaction between a high intensity laser and an under dense PWFA channel.

His MSci project explored potential variants of the currently used parameters for the AWAKE project at CERN, conducting investigations using the particle-in-cell code OSIRIS to build a model for the interaction of a long proton beam with a strongly 'quasi-non-linear' plasma wakefield.

Aravinda joined the LIVDAT CDT as a PhD student in October 2017. His project will involve the development of enhanced models of beam-plasma interaction, including for the experiment at AWAKE, with a view to enabling optimisation and real-time diagnostics of beam properties in PWFA.



Development of Enhanced Models of Plasma-Beam Interaction